Summer Camps

We offer summer camps for kids every year. Each camp is designed to encourage outdoor skills, nature exploration, history, archeology and/or citizen science.  Most of all, campers are encouraged to get dirty and have fun!

2018 schedule dates are set and details will be completed soon. Gift certificates can be applied to any summer camp. Scholarships are available, please contact us.

camp application for each camp or camp series and a fee is required in advance. Once an application is received, campers parents will receive a confirming email.  Medical forms, list of things to bring and waivers will be sent later.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

New ! Free Range Kids Fridays for kids ages 7-11

Campers will be provided a different kind of naturalist or bushcraft equipment each Friday with a safety lesson on their use. Campers will be loosely supervised and need to bring a snack and/or lunch. We will not lead the campers in activities, that will be their choice. Campers will need to be prepared for being outdoors at all times, except in severe weather. Parents can sign their children up for 2, 4, or 8 hour periods on Fridays. April and May hours will be limited to 4-6 pm and would be a good trial run for kids and parents. Most Fridays are available, but please contact us in advance to make sure the date(s) selected are available.  A camp application is required and fee information is on  this website.

Tipi Tales-Nature Camp for kids ages 6-7

Outdoor Fun

Tuesday, May 29- Gardening

Campers will find out about sun, water, soil and air, go on a worm hunt and play in the dirt/garden activity.

Tuesday, June 5- Camping

Campers will be introduced to sleeping, cooking and playing outside with games, smores and shelter building

Tuesday, June 12- Storytelling

Campers will find out about story characters, make crowns and “leather” for winter stories.

Tuesday, June 19- Paddling

Campers will find out more about what floats, about paddling sports and water safety and fun. We will not be going in a canoe or kayak but will be making our own “boats”.

Campers will enjoy a story, snack and activity. Please dress in layers and appropriate for off trail activities.

8:30 am to 10:30 am

Young Explorers- Nature Camps for kids ages 8-10

Thursday,  June 7-Archeology

Campers will find out more about what archeologist do. They will try their hand at using an atlatl and spear, examine “pot sherds”,weave a mat and collect wild edibles.

Thursday, June 14-Native American Culture

Campers will find out more about Native American Culture through their stories and games. They will find out about more about the people who lived in the midwest before settlement. They will learn about the tipi by putting one up.

Thursday, August 2- Stream Explore

Campers will explore a nearby stream and practice water quality monitoring activities used by citizen scientists though out the state.

Thursday, August 9-Pond, Paddle and Fish

Campers will learn how to paddle a canoe and kayak, learn the basics of fishing, and do some water monitoring activities from their canoe.

Campers should bring their own lunch. We will provide a related snack. Please dress in old clothes and layers appropriate for the activity. A long layer is suggested for the archeology program. Old tie on tennis shoes are required for the stream explore.

9:00 am to 1:00 pm


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